Quality Control

1 Purpose
Process monitoring and control methods used to control the characteristics to minimize process and product variation, reduce costs, improve quality, high-quality products manufactured according to customer requirements.
2 range
The control scheme applies to all products of the factory.
3 Responsibilities
The project team is responsible for the development of prototype, pilot production, production control plan
4 working procedures
4.1 control the format of the schedule
4.1.1, such as the customer is not specified in writing, the control plan using the APQP Manual prescribed format.
4.1.2, such as the customer is not required to provide the control plan, the control scheme can be applied in the same process, the same raw material production out of the same series. When the customer has requested, shall be provided to the customer-specific control scheme.
4.2 Control Plan should be asked to fill in as follows and develop the relevant section:
4.2.1 Control Plan Category: prototype, pilot production, production
Sample --- a description of the size measurement occurs in the manufacturing process of the sample member, materials and performance test;
Trial production --- occurred in the sample, the size measurement of the manufacturing process before the full-scale production, the description of the materials and performance tests;
Production --- the mass production process of product / process characteristics, a comprehensive description of the process control, test and measurement systems.
According suitable APQP stage, use a different control scheme, hit "ν" symbol in front of a space.
4.2.2 Control Plan Number: Fill Control Plan Number, fill in the "Technical Paper No. provisions.
4.2.3 Part Number / Latest Change Level: Drawing No. / latest drawing date.
4.2.4 Part Name / Description: product / process name and describe.
4.2.5 supplier / factory: to develop the control plan, the name of the company / factory.
4.2.6 supply-side code: identification number (code) given by the customers, such as the customer does not a given, not fill.
4.2.7 Primary Contact / phone: control plan contact name and phone.
4.2.8 core group: the names of all personnel responsible for developing the final version of the control plan and phone.
4.2.9 supplier / factory approved control plan approved, fill in your name and the date of approval by the Chief Engineer / Date:.
4.2.10 Date (preparation): the date of the preparation of the control scheme for the first time.
4.2.11 date (Amendment): Last revision date of the control plan.
4.2.12 Customer Engineering Approval / Date: If necessary, obtain the approval of the engineering department of the customer.
4.2.13 Customer Quality Approval / Date: if necessary, to obtain the approval of the customer quality department.
4.2.14 Other approved / Date: Customer Engineering approval / Date: if necessary, to obtain the approval of the other agreed to.
Number of the 4.2.15 part / process: with reference to the process flow chart. If the product is a multi-part combination should be listed in a single part number
And their process ID for each of the parts, components, systems should be preparing the control plan, and finally re-synthesis.
4.2.16 process name / operation description: the name or description of the process (process).
4.2.17 manufacturing machines, devices, fixtures, tooling (production equipment): each manufacturing process machinery, fixtures, jigs, tooling (production equipment).
4.2.18 characteristics Number: product characteristics and process characteristics of each process are sequentially numbered.
4.2.19 Product Features: Product features or performance. Should be listed in the special features.
The process parameters (input variables) 4.2.20 process characteristics: a causal relationship has to be identified product characteristics, such as temperature, pressure, time, traffic.
4.2.21 Special features: See "Special Characteristics state.
4.2.22 Product / Process Specification / Tolerance: material specifications, and process manufacturing practice, the acceptance of the specification process parameters.
4.2.23 evaluation / measurement technology: measurement system, measuring tools, gages, tools or test equipment. Prior to the use of a measuring system to respond to the bias of the measurement system, linearity, stability, repeatability and reproducibility of the analysis, and improved.
4.2.24 sample size / frequency: sampling, the appropriate sample size and frequency.
4.2.25 control methods: a brief description of how the controls for each process, the process can be used statistical techniques (such as: control charts), test (first inspection, self-inspection, mutual inspection) records to on operating be controlled. Such as the use of complex control procedures, to fill in the control file number in the column.
4.2.26 response plan: corrective measures to avoid the production of substandard products or operations runaway. Corrective measures are generally
Operating personnel, inspection personnel. In all cases, suspicious or substandard products should be clearly identified, and isolation and treatment.
The 4.3 control plan implementation and management
4.3.1 control plan to the completion of the approved and distributed to the relevant departments.
4.3.2 For products control plan in the event of the following circumstances, the technical department shall review and update the control plan: the process of change; inspection method frequency inferior to amend; process instability; lack of process capability; plan for the control of customer specific products addition to the review and update of control plan in the above case, when there is change in the product control plan review and update.

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