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Amusement equipment products how to improve Chinas competitiveness in the international market

        Powerful alliances, improve the competitiveness of China amusement equipment products in the international market. To stimulate domestic demand services 20th China international trade fair for amusement facilities at the Beijing Exhibition Hall came to an end.
        On the fair, more than 100 enterprises from China amusement facilities manufacturing exhibitors from 23 countries and regions of the international purchasing groups to visit to discuss visitors up to 20,000 people, reaching a tentative agreement over 1 billion yuan. Chinese mechanical toy Amusement Park Association, Liu Jingwang said amusement industry market in China has great potential, the development of surplus world amusement industry in the background of the international financial crisis is more commitment to the Chinese market, industry investment this year was expected to reach 45 billion yuan.
        With the rapid development of tourism industry in our country and the rapid increase of the national consumption capacity, Chinese amusement industry gradually developed into a tourism, recreation, and leisure, fitness, real estate of integrated industry. Incomplete statistics, 2009 National amusement industry investment of 20 billion yuan, entered a period of high-speed development.

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