Operating Guide
In view of the naughty castle by knowledge of disinfection

To use different methods for different kinds of toys, and naughty castle is made up by various different kinds of materials, such as PVC guaranteeing, galvanized steel pipe, floor MATS, plastic accessories. Introduce: on the basis of texture classification into below

Naughty fort, plastic toys available soap water, disinfection, washing powder, bleaching powder, such as dilution after soaking, rinse off with clear water, dry or dry with a clean cloth.

Cloth toys available soap water scrub, or placed in the sunlight.

Wet resistance, heat resistance, wooden toys, do not fade, usable soap bubble after washing to dry.

Iron toys in sunlight more than 6 hours, have antiseptic effect.

In addition, activity room, the floors, walls, etc., daily ultraviolet light disinfection,

Indoor to ventilation, spraying disinfection using peracetic acid once a week, the toilet, toilet, etc to sur regularly spraying with 3%.

Indoor and outdoor large naughty fort, disinfecting detergent, bleach with soap and water to scrub clean cloth, such as in dry or dry with a clean cloth.

And usual disinfection with the contents are:

Hydrogen peroxide: H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)

Alcohol: C2H5OH (ethanol)

Potassium permanganate: KMnO4 (take) a few solid soluble in cold water

Iodine: dissolve I2 in alcohol

Chlorine dioxide: ClO2

Chlorine: Cl2, tap water is made of chlorine disinfection

Ozone O3, is a new means of tap water disinfection

Hypochlorous acid salts: NaClO, Ca (ClO) 2, such as bleach belong to this class

Acetic acid peroxide: similar to that of hydrogen peroxide, but excitant strong, sterilization effect is good

New jie er die: benzalkonium bromide, the inside of the band is its effective components

Lysol: often used in wound disinfection

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