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How long is the life naughty fort routine?

Naughty fort, there are all kinds of accessories. Which involves plastics, steel tube, wood and other kinds of different kinds of items. So there are customers will want to. Naughty fort how long is the warranty, service life is long.

Naughty castle as a whole have we'll set up after the installation of the master is generally not a problem in life more than 10 years. Of course, this is the overall despite wearing parts. Wearing parts including ocean ball, software can, MATS, etc. Because of its special nature of the wear and tear parts, damage, while others, such as framework, is after our carefully screening high quality seamless steel pipe and the joints, which is the most strong won't damaged.

Our naughty castle with individual customers in the use of a few years later and replace some vulnerable parts of continue to use. And some of the early naughty fort operators in the use of 10 years after the naughty castle is still used today. Enough to show the life of the naughty castle. Coupled with the most naughty castle yes indoor place. From the sun, pay more attention to maintenance, disinfection health can!

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